Yvonne Josse – National President

“Having grown up in a household where the volunteering ethic was very strong with both mother and grandmother working with the League of Jewish Women, I had always hoped to find myself in the enviable financial position of being able to do the same.  Following my marriage to Dr Eddie Josse in 1991 and an early retirement from paid employment to organise our wedding, I met the wife of a colleague of Eddie’s who asked what I was doing now I had taken up the new position of  ‘housewife’. I wanted to do hands on work in my local area and am not comfortable with fund raising. This friend told me all about the League of Jewish Women and this wonderful organisation ticked all my boxes and thus began my happy involvement with the League.

I joined the London North West group in 1992 and served on Council, Health, ICJW, LeagueArtz and Welfare committees before becoming Day Centre Co-ordinator. I was Chairman of London North West, then joint Chairman when London North West amalgamated with Hampstead Garden Surburb, Finchley and various other North London groups in the following years.

I started the Willesden Day Centre, which I ran for many years with the help of a band of volunteers from various North London groups. I also volunteered at Norwood Twins & More Group and helped form a Good Companions group in St Johns Wood as well as being a lay visitor for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.”