The Future of the League – The Way Forward

3rd July 2019

Following  our recent Chairmen’s Open Forum, a questionnaire was compiled and a copy included in our recent annual mailing.   

I would like to thank the members who took the time to respond however we need a greater input from membership, how you perceive the future of the League and how we continue our legacy to the community and actively move forward.  Among the replies, a resounding 96% agree that the LJW still has a purpose and that we act as ambassadors for the Jewish community. 

In an effort to encourage a more significant response, and for those who would prefer to respond by email, please find attached an on-line version, allowing you to email your their thoughts and ideas direct to the office.

Please click here to complete “The Future of the League – The Way Forward” questionnaire

With membership numbers declining and the changing dynamics of volunteering, we need your input and suggestions on how we move forward.  So I urge you, please spend just a few minutes going through and responding to this questionnaire.

Thank you in advance.