League Update 9

2nd July 2020

LJW Update – No. 9

Looking back to when we were first in lockdown, it was the golden opportunity to sort out those drawers and cupboards, look through paperwork, phone friends that we had lost touch with, learn something new, have time for more reading, painting, sewing, knitting, do jigsaw puzzles, and the list could go on. Now after over 10 weeks, did you achieve what you wanted to do or are you still thinking that it can be done tomorrow?

We have been given more freedom to see our families and friends remembering to social distance, but how are you finding it? I was very sad to hear a big party going on in the garden attached to mine last weekend. During your walks, are people social distancing from you? We have given up such a lot during these past weeks so, please keep yourselves safe and remember to social distance however hard it is not to hug your nearest and dearest.

Members of the League are still doing amazing work. It goes without saying that requests for knitted items are being answered as quickly as we can get supplies.

A very large box of red hats and cannula tube covers was posted this week to Princess Alexandra’s Hospital Maternity Unit. Luckily a box was received from Amazon which was just the right size and postage was bought online. There is a parcel postal box in the vicinity, so the parcel could be safely posted without entering a Post Office. How things have changed.

Another substantial delivery was made to Barnet Hospital and they have requested that all deliveries should be made to the Maternity Unit itself.

The phoning circles are doing well and we receive great feedback but, unfortunately, some of you missed joining these circles which were formed by Jackie and Tania before they were furloughed. However, if you would like to join a new circle, please send your phone number and, if we receive enough responses, you will be put in touch with each other. The only other suggestion is that if any circles can add another member, please let us know.

Talking Pictures have been scheduling some wonderful old movies. If there is a rainy afternoon, treat yourself to a couple of hours of nostalgia. You can watch Talking Pictures TV on Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview or Youview 81 or on the Sky digital satellite platform, channel 328.

As from Monday, 15th June 2020, it will become mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport.

As from May 2020, organ donation law in England has changed to an ‘opt out’ system.
This means that all adults in England will be considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to. Families will still be approached and your faith, beliefs and culture will continue to be respected.
The law has been changed to help save and improve lives. Every day across the UK, someone dies while waiting for a transplant.
You still have a choice about whether or not you wish to become a donor. You will need to :
Record your organ donation decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register
Tell your family and friends what you have decided
For more information visit


The National Theatre will be streaming The Donmar Warehouse production of Coriolanus, featuring Tom Hiddleston in the title role of Shakespeare’s searing and political revenge tragedy.

Whilst from the Royal Opera House there is –
The Cellist from the 4-11 June 2020 – Online only
Ballet and dance – Cathy Marston’s first work for the Main Stage is a lyrical memoir of the momentous life of cellist Jacqueline du Pré.

Il trittico from 5-19 June 2020 – Online only
Puccini’s trio of operas tell contrasting stories of jealousy and murder, loss and suicide, romance and cheerful trickery.

For more information about forthcoming treats, please login to, sign into the members’ area and you will find many suggested happenings.

Please keep in touch and if you have anything you would like put in the League Update, contact Yvonne Brent 020 8215 0242 or

Keep safe and Shabbat Shalom

On behalf of the Executive of the League of Jewish Women