League Update 8

4th June 2020

LJW Update – No. 8

Wishing you a Very HAPPY SHAVUOTH

We have had a great response to the information given for knitted items in last week’s LJW Update. We received three offers for collection points for items for premature babies such as cannulas and ORANGE hats and blankets for new born babies for Barnet Hospital. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact Yvonne on 020 8215 0242 or and you will be given the nearest address to your home.
NB – Orange hats for Barnet Hospital and red hats for Princess Alexandra Harlow.

When sending any knitted items to Barnet Hospital, Princess Alexandra Maternity Unit in Harlow or Sue Hantman for the ear protectors, please put a little note in telling them who has sent these and that it is on behalf of the League of Jewish Women. I am sure you don’t want to be individually thanked but if organisations know that we are able to help in any way, they can contact us.

If anyone is buying their wool, etc., online, from a good source, please let us know. The usual retail online outlets have very few colours, particularly pink and pale blue which looks so nice on the baby blankets.

It is great that so many of you are enjoying the telephone circles. The feedback has been great with many of you promising to meet up once this emergency is over. New friendships have been made, bringing League members even closer.

From the telephone conversations we are having, there must be lots of stories about this lockdown and it would be great if you would share them.

For myself, somehow I am spending more on food shopping even though the freezer, fridge and cupboards are full. I am enjoying retail online therapy as never before. Before lockdown, if I wanted/needed something (and we all know the difference), I would just go to the relevant shop and buy it. Now I seem to be happy to wait, sometimes several weeks for bought items to arrive. The anticipation is great. What is this lockdown doing to me?

As for hair, what can we say? There are thousands of suggestions on the internet but nothing can replace the regular treat of going to the hairdressers, having a colour/treatment/cut and, most importantly, contact with another person. Anyone with any suggestions about what to do with hair, please let me know and I will share it. Meanwhile, please don’t ring me on Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom until after the 4th July 2020 when the hairdressers can open again !!!

Those who watched A Streetcar named Desire with Gillian Anderson, really had a treat. It was excellent and Gillian Anderson showed us why she is a star. For more information about forthcoming treats, please login to, sign into the members’ area and you will find many suggested happenings.



On behalf of the Executive of the League of Jewish Women