League Update 6

4th June 2020

League Update – Issue 6

Due to the Coronavirus, it will not be possible to hold an AGM this year so consequently no elections can be held and the current members of Executive will continue to hold office, as before, until an AGM can take place.

All members of the Executive Committee of the League of Jewish Women are both Directors and Trustees and it has ten members headed by the President and, at the AGM, their names are announced. Yvonne Josse will be stepping down as President, a position she has held from June 2016 to May 2020. At this time, there will not be the position of President and the Executive Committee will take on those responsibilities.

The Executive Members for the coming year are as follows and in alphabetical order:

Yvonne Brent – Executive Member of LJW/Vice President of ICJW
Marilyn Brummer – Chair of Welfare Committee
Sue Burman – Honorary Secretary
Penelope Conway – President of the International Council of Jewish Women
Sandra Harris – Chair of Social Issues
Yvonne Josse – Immediate Past President
Ella Marks – Chair of Health Matters
Anne Morris – Chair of North West Region
Irene Segal – Executive Member
Linda Weber – Chair of LeagueArtz

The Annual Accounts for the year ending 31st December 2019 would also be presented but, unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, they have not been finalised. However, if any member would like to receive a set of accounts electronically, please contact who will be happy to send you a copy in due course,

As the AGM reports on the previous year’s activities will not be available this year, you will find articles in our annual magazine, In Contact, which covers most of last year. In Contact was another casualty of the virus as we had to send a copy to all members electronically to stay safe.

We are sure that you will all wish to take this opportunity, together with the LJW Executive, to thank Yvonne Josse for all her work during her four year Presidency.


104 Allerton Road, WD6 4AQ

Alison and Richard Glaysher, the organisers of the face mask extension of the NHS, will be ending this project as they will be returning to work after their furlough. A total of 3000 have been distributed with donations from many knitters including the League.

The following is an extract from his letter – ‘I will however take a moment to recognise and thank the League of Jewish Ladies. I have received numerous packages daily from all over the UK and want to recognise not just this, but all of the kind acts they do.’

Your efforts have help front line workers at the following locations –

Barnet Hospital
Finchley Memorial Hospital
Edgeware Hospital
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Guys Hospital
Watford Hospice
Edgware Hospice
Fair brook Medical Centre
Various Care Homes


Thank you so much for contacting us with your ideas and news. This week, we heard from Madeleine who wrote from Israel. She recommended one of her book club books – The Nightingale’ by Kristen Hannah, Soon to be a major motion picture, it is a heart-breakingly beautiful novel that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the endurance of women.

This week, the National Theatre is streaming the acclaimed Barber Shop Chronicles and if you click on YouTube and enter The Royal Opera House, there are many things to watch.

Anna (who looks after our website) has put a lot of information on our website to watch music, theatre, and opera events. and sign into members.


On behalf of the Executive of the League of Jewish Women

Dear Member

I have just received this email from Richard who organised the knitted tags for the NHS. It is unfortunate that this project will be coming to an end for the time being. Please do not knit any more tags but any that are completed can be sent to Richard with or without buttons.

If you have passed my previous appeal to your friends, please contact them and let them have this information.

With all good wishes and keep safe.

Yvonne Brent

Massive Thank you to so many for their support, donations and time spent knitting.

To date nearly 3000 Ear Protectors have been made by an army of people in the Village and surrounding areas.

Their efforts are now helping the following:
o Barnet Hospital
o Finchley Memorial Hospital
o Edgeware Hospital
o Great Ormond Street Hospital
o Guys Hospital
o Watford Hospice
o Edgeware Hospice
o Fair brook Medical Centre
o Various Care Homes
And many more

If you work for the NHS or are a key worker, then please message me so I can get these to you.

I want to name everyone, from those that have made batches of 100 at a time to others that have raided their button jars – but there are too many to mention and many who want to remain nameless.

I will however take a moment to recognise and thank the League of Jewish Ladies. I have received numerous packages daily from all over the UK and want to recognise not just this, but all of the kind acts they do.

Unfortunately, due to Furlough my journey with you all is soon coming to an end. I wish you all a safe and healthy future. It’s been a pleasure meeting you and I will clap for you on Thursday as well as the NHS for all that you have done.

Richard x