League Update 44

19th March 2021

LJW Update – No. 44

1 Victory Road, Hermon Hill, Wanstead, London E11 1UL.
Telephone – 020 7242 8300
Mobile – 0730 5018022

The League’s office is now at the above address

78 members attended the International Women’s Day Zoom Seminar which was held on Wednesday this week. Dame Margaret Hodge was our speaker and if you click on the link below, you will be able to hear a recording.

Thank you to all of you who sent good wishes and thanks to the Social Issues Committee and we hope to repeat this success with other exceptional speakers. Passcode: d0ODF&L*



We have had quite a few problems with our website which is now over seven years old. As you know, technology moves very quickly and after much discussion and obtaining quotes to rectify problems, the Executive have decided to build a new one which will be designed and administered in house by Anna Perceval.

We need to use good digital photographs. This means photos that you have on computer or phone. We can buy photos from the internet but it is felt that we would rather use photos of our members. If you have any good photos showing single or small groups of League members, and would be happy for us to use them on our website, we would be very grateful if you would email them to These photos should not show any persons who are not League members (e.g. residents in care homes or patients in hospitals) and we will need written permission to use them from the people shown.




Please note that for the time being Barnet Hospital no longer need knitted extenders for use with masks.


For those of you learning to speak French during this long lockdown and for those of you who are fluent in French, a great series on Netflix is Call my Agent. It is about the lives and jobs of people working at a talent agency. It is refreshing to watch something where no one is killed and no bombs are exploding. Well worth watching – even with the subtitles.


Many celebrities are trying to encourage anti-vaxers to change their minds and Carole King has recorded a new version of her song – Its not too late.

It’s not too late baby
It’s not too late
You really are going to make it
You’re going to be so strong and healthy
When it’s your turn, just take it
Don’t be too late baby
Don’t hesitate.



My tale of woe
Living in Ilford means that there is not a wide range of shops selling kosher food especially for Pesach.

The approach of Pesach usually means a trip to Golders Green (North London for those of you who are not familiar with London) and the opportunity to stock up on food items never found this side of the North Circular. Imagine the joy when an email was received from a local synagogue giving a list of shops in NW London who would deliver to those of us so far away.

The first phone call was to a butcher who had an on-line order form with actual prices. However, being a Jewish women, it is difficult enough to buy a dress on line let alone meat. There is a lot of questions to ask. One of them being how many steaks in a pack and how big are they? The answer was that they are the size of a steak you would get in a kosher restaurant and my reply was – “What is a kosher restaurant?” I don’t think Ilford has seen one of them for many a year.

The second phone call was to an on-line grocery store. Let me put it this way. I lost a good hour trying to place an order and without the luxury of comparing prices.

Yet I am grateful for the convenience of not being inconvenienced having to travel across the North Circular for my Pesach goodies during this time of Covid. Long may it continue……


If you would like to attend any of the meetings, please contact who will put you in touch with the Group Chairman to confirm your attendance. This procedure is purely for safety reasons as only League members will be able to attend. If you wish to join a Zoom meeting you must give ample notice.

Coombe & Surrey
Wednesday 17th March at 4.00pm
Jenny Jankel, chair of the Jewish Music Institute, will talk about the amazing life of her late father, the famous band leader Joe Loss.

If your Group is having a Zoom meeting and you would like to have other League members attend, please let us know.

Emails and telephone calls will only be dealt with on Tuesdays and Thursday.