League Update 40

18th February 2021

LJW Update – No. 40

1 Victory Road, Hermon Hill, Wanstead, London E11 1UL.
Telephone – 020 7242 8300
Mobile – 0730 5018022

The League’s office is now at the above address.

By now, we are hoping that most of you have received at least one vaccine. Whilst we will have to have a second vaccine (if you haven’t already), we may even have to have a third.

The Telegraph reported that Israel is developing a new coronavirus drug which has successfully completed its first phase of clinical trials. The treatment was given to 30 patients whose conditions ranged from moderate to severe and after three to five days, with the exception of one patient who took slightly longer to recover, they were discharged from hospital.

With all the data coming out of Israel with regard to the virus, it is wonderful to hear Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government, speak so respectfully about Israel’s achievements. It makes a change to hear something good about Israel on the BBC!!


Whilst most of our volunteering projects are on hold, we have received a few telephone requests for help from the Way Ahead team.

When our lives get back on track, we will be able to go into hospitals and offer our Way Ahead service again but the hospitals like to deal with one person from any organisation. As you know, Jackie Baines at Head Office, administered this service from its inception, but now we must find a member able to take this over. If you feel you are the person to do this and would like to be involved in this great project, please contact us to discuss what will be required. We do not think that the service will resume until next year, but now is the time to learn all about it and introduce yourself to the hospitals so that they know we are still here waiting to help.


As mentioned in previous newsletters, we have encountered several problems with our website. It is now seven years old and as you all know, technology is continually changing and updating – tried buying a new washing machine!!! So many buttons.

We have, therefore, decided to build a new website but one which is simpler for our members to use on computers, laptops, ipads and smart phones. It will be totally administered by Anna Perceval ( so alterations can be dealt with minimal expense.

We would like your input, so I am asking you to let us know if you think we should have a ‘Members’ page. The current website has a ‘Members’ page but, in the last six years, it was rarely used – which includes myself. If you think we should have a ‘Members’ page, what would you like to use it for?

Please let us have your thoughts and ideas during this week so that we can build this website as quickly as possible.


For many years, under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi’s Office, the Newbury Park Group have had a team visiting Whipps Cross Hospital in East London, King George’s Hospital in Ilford and Queen’s Hospital in Romford. Please let us know if any other group has a hospital visiting team. Thank you.

This is well worth signing up to. You will get regular offers for ebooks at a very special price and sometimes they are free. As an example, one of today’s choices includes The Book Thief by Markus Zusak for 99p.


We are sure we are not old enough to remember Carole King’s album Tapestry but believe it or not, it just turned 50. Carole King was born Carol Klein in New York and is now 79. She was nominated this week for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a performer as she has already been inducted as a songwriter.



If you would like to attend any of the meetings, please contact who will put you in touch with the Group Chairman to confirm your attendance. This procedure is purely for safety reasons as only League members will be able to attend. If you wish to join a Zoom meeting you must give ample notice.

League Book Club – Monday, 1st March 2021
If you would like attend, please contact for the Zoom login.

Coombe & Surrey
Tuesday 16th February at 4pm – ‘The Buzz about Bees’
Alison Benjamin, journalist, broadcaster and author of three books about bees and beekeeping, will give us an insight into this fascinating world.

Wednesday 17th March at 4.00pm. Jenny Jankel, chair of the Jewish Music Institute, on the famous band leader Joe Loss.

If your Group is having a Zoom meeting and you would like to have other League members attend, please let us know.