League Update 36

21st January 2021

LJW Update – No. 36


If you belong to a group, please pay directly to them otherwise pay via our website

If you have any problems or wish to pay by cheque, please contact /07940 819978.

We seem to have come full circle with regard to staying home, only this time there is a chink of light as we have the vaccine to give us hope. If anyone had said in March last year that we would still have to live with this pandemic, we would have never believed it.

The aim of these newsletters was to keep members in touch with the League as we all thought we would soon be getting back to our normal lives – seeing our families and friends, holidaying and volunteering.

We reorganised our homes, our clothes, our paperwork. We watched wonderful operas and theatre productions and had time to read books. We rang people we had lost touch with and we knitted.

Once again, our skills are required. Barnet hospital have asked us to start supplying them again with mask extenders.

You will need double kitting wool and No. 8 needles (4mm).
Cast on 17 stitches and knit in garter stick 8/9 rows depending on your tension or until it measures 1 inch. However, any wool and needles can be used as long as the piece measures approximately 3 ½ inches by 1 inch. The buttons need to be between 1.5 and 2 cm so that they are big enough to hold the elastic loops of the mask in place and should be sewn on at either end of the tags.

Fill an envelope with these tags and send them to – Tammy Goffee
Matron for DischargeExecutive Office
Well House Lane
Barnet EN5 3DJ


Some of you will have met Anna Perceval (who looks after our website) when we ran several sessions on how to use the internet, Facebook and online banking.

Anna works for JWeb, which is the only free online directory of resources for members of the Jewish special needs community in the UK.

Anna, together with one of the founders of JWeb and endorsed by the Movement for Reform Judaism, has compiled a Siddur full of songs and prayers in Hebrew and English using phonetics and symbols to make the services more accessible. JWeb are working closely with the United Synagogue to produce a version for Orthodox Communities.

The Siddur will allow families to attend shul for the first time in years, confident that those with learning disabilities can enjoy the service with their own prayer book. Copies can be bought through JWeb, Amazon and Norwood although a free download is available with an accompanying film of a model inclusive Shabbat service which was made with Finchley Reform Synagogue.



Did you read about the wedding that took place just before the Tier 4 ban back in December? The couple, Debbie Waterman and James Buckman, brought their wedding forward by 24 hours and were married on the Saturday at 10 o’lock at night to avoid postposing their wedding. Why am I telling you about this? It is because it was Sadie Langsman’s Grandson. Sadie is the much loved and joint Chairman of Newbury Park Group. We wish her and her family Mazel Tov.



If you would like to attend any of the meetings, please contact who will put you in touch with the Group Chairman to confirm your attendance. This procedure is purely for safety reasons so that only League members will be able to attend.

League Book Club – Monday, 18th January 2021 at 3pm

Tuesday 12 January at 8pm (to be confirmed) Simon Gurevitz on ‘Why You Can’t Believe The Numbers’.

Coombe & Surrey
Tuesday 26th January at 4.30pm. Judy Weleminsky will speak on ‘My Austro Hungarian forebears – tales of .Spanish gold, guinea pigs and an English Colonel’

Wednesday 17th March at 4.00pm. Jenny Jankel, chair of the Jewish Music Institute, the famous band leader Joe Loss.

If your Group is having a Zoom meeting and you would like to have other League members attend, please let us know.

8th January 2021