League Update 35

7th January 2021

LJW Update – No. 35

ORT House has been sold and will close next year. As the League’s Lease terminated mid-November 2020, new offices have been found. We expect to move at the end of January 2021 and, as soon as the legal formalities are complete, we will ensure that all members have the new address. The League office telephone number and email address will remain the same.


ICJW – Human Rights Day
On Monday, of this week, the International Council of Jewish Women held a Human Rights Day Seminar on Zoom. Our speaker was Jonny Daniels who founded the organisation which is run entirely by millennials and their aim is to look after and support the men and women who have been awarded the title by Yad Vashem of Righteous Among Nations.

We have heard many times, the stories told by Holocaust survivors but we rarely hear about the non-Jews who put their lives, and the lives of their children, at risk, by hiding Jews during the Second World War.

Yad Vashem has recognised over 27,000 people who have been honoured but Jonny was made aware that those people who were still alive, and there are not many, needed support and help in their advancing years. The oldest member of this elite group is now 102 and the Jerusalem Post had an article showing Jonny delivering flowers on her birthday.

Jonny lives in Israel and has two beautiful daughters but now spends a lot of his time living in Warsaw where the bulk of these men and women live. There are only just over 200 still alive worldwide and approximately 100 are in Poland. This is not Jonny’s full time job. In fact he is in PR but he spends his time taking boxes of food and toiletries to these heroes who sometimes live in remote areas. He told us about a man he visited who hadn’t seen anyone for three years.

If you look at the above website you can read stories of true heroism and if you put ‘Jonny Daniels’ into your browser, you will find the many acts of kindness that Jonny and his helpers have done.

After hearing such an inspirational talk and his answers to many questions, the obvious question for us to ask is how can the League of Jewish Women help? Well we can. We can knit blankets, scarves, hats, gloves but we would have to get over the logistics of how to get these items to him and this is being considered.

However, what he would really like immediately is for us to write letters to this small band of people. They can be hand written or they can be typed and emailed. If fact, if they are emailed, they can be easily translated into Polish or any other language. We are still waiting for more information about where to send our letters and as soon as this is received, it will be circulated. Jonny plans to send background history of some of the individuals to that we know more about them.

Our last thoughts on this was to ask ourselves if we would have had the courage to put our lives and those of our family at risk, because if they were found out, they all would have been instantly shot by the German army. Think about it.

Jonny finished by lighting the Chanukiah and singing the blessings and we thank him so sincerely for doing this.

Those of you who attended this Seminar had a very interesting and educational afternoon. However, not everyone who registered attended which meant that we had to turn members away. Please, please, please do not register for Zoom meetings unless you know you definitely want to participate. These sessions are free but this doesn’t mean they are worthless!


MITZVAH DAY – North West Region
The Northwest Region League of Jewish Women Mitzvah Day project this year proved to be a challenge due to Covid, but members rose to the challenge and they had a magnificent response collecting Xmas gifts to distribute to nursing homes in North and South Manchester. There was an assortment of toiletries, gift sets, socks and chocolates for the staff. Ruth Goodman donated her garage space so that everything could be gift wrapped.

Some of the gift bags were hand made by Bury League member Evelyn Yaffe and her sewing team. Once the gifts are removed they will make fabulous wash bags for the residents.

The Bury & Whitefield group Mitzvah Day project this year was to make sure every resident in Broughton House Veterans nursing home in Salford received a Xmas card and a bar of chocolate. The response from members was amazing and they even managed to buy enough chocolates to give to the staff. Over 60 chocolate items were distributed.


We received a ‘thank you’ card from Barnet Hospitals Maternity Department, on behalf of all the Mums and babies, for the hats and baby blankets we have sent them.


Earlier in the year we were able to watch many productions from such wonderful institutions as the Royal Opera House and the National Theatre.

Actors and all performers have been without work for many months and now, if you wish to watch performances, there is an understandable fee.

The Royal Opera House is staging various production which will include The Nutcracker –
£16 – from 22nd December 2020 to 21st January 2021.


If you would like to attend any of the meetings, please contact who will put you in touch with the Group Chairman to confirm your attendance. This procedure is purely for safety reasons so that only League members will be able to attend.

Tuesday 5th January 2021 at 7.30pm. Join them for a Fun Quiz Night with Jeffrey Fisher. You will be answering the questions individually, so no need to make a team. Please have paper and pen ready to write down your answers. Further details will be given at the beginning of the evening.

Tuesday 12 January at 8pm (to be confirmed) Simon Gurevitz on ‘Why You Can’t Believe The Numbers’.

League Book Club – Monday, 18th January 2021 at 3pm

If your Group is having a Zoom meeting and you would like to have other League members attend, please let us know.