League Update 30

19th November 2020

LJW Update – No. 30

It was with great sadness that we heard of the death of Rabbi Lord Sacks. On behalf of the Executive and members of the League, we have sent a letter of condolences to Lady Sacks who is an Honorary Member and, in the past, attended many of our AGMs.

Much has been written and will be written about his wisdom, scholarship and humanity. He helped many people to be proud of their Jewish heritage and his legacy will last for many years through his lectures and thoughts streaming on the internet.

Here are two YouTube talks you may find of interest.

May he rest in Peace.

This information has been previously emailed to League members but in case you missed it, AJEX will be holding their Remembrance Ceremony
as a virtual event online at 2.30pm on Sunday, 15th November 2020 – and invite you and your community join them in commemorating the sacrifice and dedication of Jewish ex-Servicemen and Women.


If it is possible, we would like to arrange a Zoom event for Human Rights Day event in conjunction with Chanukah. However, this is proving a challenge at the moment and we will keep you informed but, if we were able to find a speaker, is there a member who would be able to lead us in singing Moaz Tzur? We have the words but not the voice!!

If you own a Kindle or other ebook device, then google who recommend free and discounted ebooks that you can purchase from Amazon or Apple Books. If you use Amazon, then don’t forget to use your ‘Smile’ button and donate to the League of Jewish Women – so easy to set up.



Joe Biden

Did you know that three of President-elect Joe Biden’s children married into Jewish families.

Three Jewish women have been crowned Miss India.

Although the Jewish population in India numbers about 4,600 out of a population of approximately 1.38 billion, there have been multiple Jewish Miss India beauty pageant winners. Esther Victoria Abraham who is better known by her stage name, Miss Pramila won the first-ever Miss India pageant in 1947. The crown was then given to Jewish model Fleur Ezekiel in 1959 — she went on to represent India in the Miss World pageant and dancer Salome Aaron, the daughter of a Jewish couple credited with bringing the samba to India, won the title in 1972.

Seinfeld caused Nancy Sinatra to miss the death of her father.

On the afternoon of Frank Sinatra’s death, his daughter, Nancy, was watching the series finale of Seinfeld. Nancy Sinatra had planned to visit her father that afternoon but decided to watch the highly-anticipated finale only learning later that her father had suffered a heart attack and had died. Nancy has since described the ordeal as her “greatest sadness,” and the news was all the more devastating considering that the series finale was panned by just about everyone, including Jerry Seinfeld himself.

Portuguese Jews invented fish & chips.

Fish and chips, originated when refugees from Portugal brought the dish to England in the early 16th century. The recipe was based on a Sephardic dish, pescado frito, or fried fish. Fish and chips were popularized in England by another Jew, Joseph Malin, who opened the first chippy in London in 1860.

An Iranian official in France created a fake religion.

In an effort to save Iranian Jews living in France in the 1940s from the Nazis, Iranian Consul, Abdol Hossein-Sardari, invented a fake religion, Mosaique. He told the Nazis that some of the sixteen million Iranian are converts to the Mosaique faith and that they are descendants of the Aryan Indo-European race with no relationship to the European Jewish race. Using the Nazi’s bureaucracy against them, Hossein-Sardari reclassified 100 Iranian Jewish families probably saving their lives. This generous and creative act earned him a reputation the “Schindler of Iran.”

Bob Dylan learned to play guitar at Jewish sleepaway camp.

Robert Zimmerman — later known as Bob Dylan — spent his childhood summers at Hertzl Camp, a Zionist sleepaway camp in Webster, Wisconsin, USA. It is thought that this is where the young Dylan learned to play the guitar, harmonica, and piano. Dylan returned to the camp in the late 1970s when his son was a camper there.

Mr. Potato Head was invented by Jews.

Henry Herman and Hillel Hassenfeld, founders of Hasbro, sold the first Mr. Potato head facial parts kit after seeing potential in the invention by George Lerner, a Jewish man of Romanian descent. While the kit originally recommended that kids use real fruit Hasbro invented a plastic potato head in 1964 after receiving complaints from parents about rotten produce.

Albert Einstein was a civil rights activist.

Well-known for his Zionism, Jewish theoretical physicist Albert Einstein was also outspoken against racism throughout his career. After receiving an award from Lincoln University in 1946, Einstein spoke out against racism and segregation, announcing that he “did not intend to be quiet” about racism, a “disease of white people.” He was also an ally to Black leaders at the time and worked with singer-turned-activist, Paul Robeson, on the American Crusade to end lynching.


If you would like to attend another Group’s Zoom meeting, please contact who will put you in touch with the relevant Group Chairman to confirm your attendance. This procedure is purely for safety reasons so that only League members will be able to attend.

Coombe & Surrey

  • From cabin boy to jade connoisseur. The 2nd December meeting’s speaker will be Julian Khon who will tell how his Jewish grandfather sailed east and married a Shan princess.


  • Tuesday 17 November at 8pm – Robert Green on ‘From the Lions’ Den’.
  • Tuesday 15 December at 8pm – Virtual Chanukah Party. Ian Hardman (who entertained the Pinner group before and was their Bingo caller) has kindly agreed to sing.
  • Tuesday 12 January at 8pm (to be confirmed) Simon Gurevitz on ‘Why You Can’t Believe The Numbers’.

If your Group is having a Zoom meeting and you would like to have other League members attend, please let us know.


Emails and phone calls will only be dealt with on Tuesdays and Thursday.