League Update 27

5th November 2020

LJW Update – No. 27


Does anyone know of an outlet for the knitted mask extenders? Sue Hantman, who was collecting them for the NHS, has asked us to stop sending them to her as they are not needed for the time being. Have you tried wearing them yourselves. They are excellent when you need to wear a mask for any length of time.


Book Club – Let’s get started

The first Zoomed League Book Club will be held on Thursday 29th October 2020 at 4pm.

Topic: League Book Club
Time: Oct 29, 2020 04:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 899 6406 8967
Passcode: 091451

The rules will be decided at this meeting and, if you are considering attending, please give some thought to the following :

  • How will the books will be selected – alphabetically by the surname of those members present?
  • How long will the meeting last?
  • How often will the group meet?
  • Do you want a set day of the week or be flexible?
  • What time of day?
  • Do we have a cup of coffee to hand or a glass of wine?

Information about the Book Club will be given in the weekly League Updates a week before the meeting and a reminder a week before the next meeting.

You don’t have to attend every meeting – you can just dip in and out. If a book is being read that you have previously enjoyed, then just join in. If a book is being read that you hated, then join in. From experience, these are often the most interesting meeting.

Looking forward to making some new friends.


The League of Jewish Women is in its 77th year and we have left a trail of triumphs. Where did Day Centres, Friendship Clubs, formation of the Association of Jewish Women’s Organisations and many more initiatives come from? When Israel wanted to import avocados into the UK, where did they go for help? Yes, the League. Our members went into supermarkets to show the public how to eat them.

Many members talk about when they first joined the League as young married women and took their children to wherever they were volunteering.

One of our biggest achievements is the fact that many of our children (and grandchildren) have inherited our social conscience and, when attending the Chief Executive Meetings of Jewish Organisations, it is amazing to hear how many of these CEO’s Mothers, Boobas or Aunts were members of the League and showed them that volunteering adds another dimension to your life.

To name a few but there are many more –

Ella Mark’s daughter, Olivia, is CEO of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
Ros Anticoni’s son, Paul, is CEO of World Jewish Relief
Pat Rackind’s son, Laurie, is the CEO of Jami
Sheila Johnson’s son, Simon, stepped down as CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council earlier this year.

As for 2020, we have been unable to pursue our normal activities but we have knitted hundreds of mask extenders, supplied Barnet hospital with baby blankets, orange hats and canula covers for premature babies and Harlow hospital with red hats and canula covers for premature babies. Twiddlemuffs and twiddle-blankets have been sent to hospitals and residential homes. Members helped making PPE for the NHS and bags for used PPE. We have cared for each other by keeping in touch and continuing to be telephone buddies for other organisations. So we do not need to write off 2020. We are still doing our bit.



At the back of the League’s book, Service with a Smile, there is a timeline and fifty years ago in 1970, the League was granted Charitable status.


An excellent film to watch on Netflix – The Trial of the Chicago 7. The story line revolves around Chicago in 1968 when the Democratic Party Convention was met with protests and as a result, seven of the accuse ringleaders were arraigned on charges such as Conspiracy. Great cast included Sacha Baron Cohen.


Please note that emails and phone calls will only be dealt with on Tuesdays and Thursdays

23rd October 2020