League Update 18

7th September 2020

LJW Update – No. 18

At the beginning of July, a Zoom meeting was held for member of the Executive, Group Chairmen and Past Presidents to find out how members are being contacted. Each group have their own system and a lot depends on the size of the group.

It has been very obvious for many years that Central members do not have the same support system that groups have and it has been something that has been discussed many times. There are several reasons why members choose to be Central members. Their group has closed down or perhaps they don’t live near to where a particular group meets or they just may not want to be committed to one group. There are many reasons and I am sure that Central members can give me more. If any Central members wish to comment on this point, please send your comments to

Now is a good time to explain why you need to pay membership subscriptions. Nothing is for free and we have all lived a good many years to know this. Membership subscription is the commitment you make to belong to the League of Jewish Women and, when you volunteer, organisations know of the high standard of volunteering they will get from each of us and, needless to say, our commitment.

What does it pay for? Insurance – each and every volunteer must be insured – Audited Accounts, which are necessary to register with the Charities Commission, also comes at cost. There are membership fees that must be paid to organisations such as the International Council of Jewish Women, AJWO, Board of Deputies, Women’s Interfaith Network. It pays for a yearly insert in the Jewish Charities Guide which is an important resource for obtaining legacies and donations. It pays for administration of various projects and supplying items to carry out these projects. And the list goes on.

Whenever the opportunity arose, I would say to members ask your female family and friends to join the League. The response was that they are too busy. My response is to ask them. They can only say ‘No” but they might support us. The cost of our subscription is embarrassingly low but each time one of your relatives signs up to support us, it gives us financially more time to go out into all communities to help where we can.

When this pandemic is over and we can go about our lives, help will be desperately needed in areas we haven’t even thought of yet. We have a wealth of experience and a commitment to do good works. Maybe we should have been shouting out years ago about all the good work we do. However, we didn’t but you won’t be surprised to hear that when organisations need help, they turn to the League.

The League of Jewish Women has a very impressive past. Where did Day Centres begin, Meals on Wheels, Friendship Clubs, etc.? Here, at the League. Did you know that when Israel wanted to sell avocados in the UK, they came to the League and our members went into supermarkets to show how they should be eaten?

So the above are some of the reasons why you should pay your membership subscription in January when the year begins.


Free TV Licences for the 75’s is coming to an end. The BBC is to take over the responsibility for bankrolling free licences for the over-75’s. As this will cost an estimated £745million in 2021/2022, the BBC feels that it will have to drastically cut services.

They have therefore announced plans to ditch the free perk for an estimated 3.7 million people while around 1.5 million households will retain eligibility if they claim pension credit.

However, TV Licensing say that no one needs to take immediate action, or leave their home, to claim a free TV licence or to pay for one.

Over-75s can wait until they are contacted by letter, and they will then be offered payment options that include spreading the cost in weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

It has launched a free telephone information line giving recorded information to help over-75s – the number is 0800 232 1382 although its website currently warns that social distancing means it is only running an ‘essential service’ over the phone.

Last week’s list of Jewish Historical Books to read prompted a good response and many of you had those books in your homes.

Adrienne Hirshman recommended Beach Music by Pat Conroy to add to the list.

Don‘t forget to look at our website for information on streamed events and please send your news and stores.

Keep Safe and Shabbat Shalom

Yvonne Brent

On behalf of the Executive of the League of Jewish Women