League Update 16

6th August 2020


LJW Update – No. 16

Good news and Mazel Tovs to –

Congratulations to Kat Buckingham, Michael Creighton, Samuel Matthews, Dan Hogan, Louise Withers Green, Benjamin Westerman and Martha Robinson who won their High Court action making the Labour Party issue an unreserved apology for making “false and defamatory” comments about the seven whistleblowers who appeared in the BBC Panorama programme last year.

The Panorama programme entitled ‘Is Labour Anti-Semitic?’ featured a number of former party officials alleging that senior figures, close to the leadership at the time, had interfered in the process of dealing with anti-Semitism complaints and had criticised the then leadership’s handling of complaints. Labour has agreed to pay substantial damages.

At the beginning of the lockdown, I doubt that many of us would have thought that we would still be in this situation some four months later. Initially, the Government had talked about twelve weeks self-isolation but we know now that nobody can tell when we will be able to resume our previous lives.

It seems that there may be a vaccination by the end of the year (?) and the NHS have learned a lot on how to treat patients who have life-threatening Coronavirus symptoms. Maybe we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

We have cleaned, knitted, crocheted, baked, cooked, watched TV, exercised, learned how to use Zoom and Facetime. Should I go on? How many of us learned a new language or skill? Amazingly, time was flown by and here we are almost at the end of July. How many plans have changed? Holidays cancelled? Weddings postponed? Next year, P-G, we will have a lot of belated celebrations to look forward to.

League members have responded to so many requests for ear protectors, baby blankets, premature baby hats, scrubs, phone calling, help with shopping for neighbours. I am sure you can add many more ways you have been able to help especially keeping in touch with someone living alone.

As new instructions come from the Government, it has become very confusing. In an interview on the BBC news, Brandon Lewis MP was asked about wearing face masks in shops. He was asked what happens if you go into a coffee shop? He said that if you are buying food to eat in, you don’t need a mask but if you are buying food to take away, then you need to wear a mask. How does the person serving you know what your intention is? Wouldn’t it have been easier to say that you had to wear a mask but if you sat down to eat your food on the premises, you could take your mask off. How complicated can it be? It took the rest of the day of interviews to finally get a clear answer.

Birthday wishes to Della Donn who will be 89 next week but unfortunately cannot celebrate with a party.

We heard the sad news that Ann Spieler, former North West Region Chairman, lost her husband, Tony. Many members around the country will know Ann and would wish to send their condolences. We wish her ‘Long Life’.

If any members have time on their hands and have a story about their lives to tell, and would be happy to share it with us, please send them to me. So many of our members have had interesting and life changing experiences and we would love to hear them.

Don’t forget to look at our events page for information on streamed events and please send your news.

Keep Safe and Shabbat Shalom

Yvonne Brent