League Update 13

6th August 2020

LJW Update – No. 13

Here we are near the end of the 15th week since the official lockdown began and many of you have been in isolation for much longer. At the last Friday night dinner I had with my daughters and their families, we discussed the possibility of not seeing each other for three months. We were very optimistic. I am very fortunately that my daughters live quite close and I saw them through the window when they delivered groceries. Times are slowly changing and last week we had tea with them in the garden, keeping our distances but no hugging or kissing. How strange it is not to touch your children and grandchildren. How we will appreciate these gestures in the future especially being able to hold hands.

The country is opening up. Pubs and restaurants will be open from Saturday onwards but I wonder how many of us with take advantage of this. I look forward to just being able to invite family and friends to my home for a meal and sit around a table to ‘eat, drink and be merry’ once again.

Good news and Mazel Tovs to –

Della Donn’s husband, Henry on his 89th birthday on the 25th June

Ruth and Bernard Ross are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary on 6th July.

At the beginning of June, Brenda Bendon’s husband, Jeffrey, celebrated his second Barmitzvah. Thank goodness for Zoom as his family and friends were able to watch him read Haftorah. To add to this wonderful occasion, they will be celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on the 7th July. A double Mazel Tov.

I watch the News with avid interest to find out when I can have my hair cut. 4th July is the date but I have a home hairdresser so I must continue to wait. I hope you are luckier than me but have you been able to book an appointment?

On Wednesday night (1st July), there was a repeat on BBC 2 of Peter Bowker’s tremendous biographical drama, Marvellous, which won two Bafta. You should be able to see it on iPlayer if you missed the first showing and this repeat. It is about a man who refused to let his mental disability stand in the way of leading a remarkable life. He decided that he always wanted to be happy, so he decided to be. Well worth watching.

Sony Movies Classic showed Cover Girl starring Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly. It was made in 1944, some eight years before Singing in the Rain. There were several scenes that were the forerunners of similar scenes in Singing in the Rain but it was a great two hours of pure enjoyment.

I have mentioned in previous Updates that TV channel Talking Pictures was worth investigating. There was a snippet on the news about this Channel.

One of the aims of the founders was to maintain the history of British cinema. Older movies, including those made in black and white, were once regularly shown on terrestrial channels but had declined by the 2000s with only the best known classic films occasionally getting aired. Television networks rejected their pitches, unconvinced that it would be of high demand, so they decided to set up the channel independently. Cronin-Stanley and her father, Noel, run their studio, office and distribution from the garden shed. Quite amazing!!

Keep Safe and Shabbat Shalom

Yvonne Brent