Girls Allowed: #Safe4Faith Event

3rd May 2018

Thursday 28thJune 2018

09:30 – 16:00

Emmanuel Centre, 9 – 23 Marsham Street London SW1P 3DW


This police led event willcollaborate with the faith sectors, in particular females within those establishments. ‘Girls Allowed’ will bring together key members from multi-faith communities to highlight the importance of increasing the under-representation of females within faith sectors and how they play a key role in tackling key issues across London. This event will focus on building positive relationships and future engagement. The events two key themes are:


Tackling Knife Crime in Partnership

Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackeysaid “Tackling serious violence and knife crime in London remains a number one priority for the Met, but Londoners need to pull together to tackle this issue. We need to find out why some young people think it is acceptable to carry knives, and this is where community organisations and local initiatives, charities, schools and educators, youth workers and families all have an important role to play in changing this mindset”.


Tackling Hate Crime in Partnership

AC Helen Ball said “Londoners have a fine track record in challenging hate crime together. We draw strength and great power from these relationships”.


Aims of the event


  • Buildpositive relations with multi-faith sectors, police and partners by bringing together key influential people at the Girls Allowed event.
  • Engagewith multi-faith sectors and charities to secure their support in playing a key role in helping to tackle knife crime and increase the under reporting of hate crime across London.
  • Inspirefemales to ‘Speak Out’within faith establishments and their communities, highlighting the importance of their contributions, providing them with the necessary support mechanisms for how they can  help drive forward the partnerships needed to tackle knife and hate crime.


To register your interest please

Full joining instructions will be sent out in advance of the date. The event will be open to pre-registered attendees only.  For further information please contact to DCI Lily Benbow, 07725 632 647.