Booming Twiddle Production at League

5th September 2019

League members around the country were making the most beautiful “twiddlemuffs” all decorated with twiddly bits such as buttons, bows, keys, jewellery, children’s gloves, zips, ribbons and lace. All was going well until members of Oakwood and Winchmore Hill started producing huge quantities of beautifully knitted muffs, but minus their twiddly bits. They announced they were knitters not sewers. So the League put out an email asking for members who might be good at sewing. It resulted in sewing groups being established around the country; the first was set up in North West London. The muffs were going to the Royal London Hospital, St Joseph’s hospice, a few had gone to a hospital in Doncaster, some had gone to Hillingdon Hospital, University College London Hospital, Northwick Park and then came the crunch Jewish Care said they could do with a lot more in some of their homes and a hospital in Israel wanted large numbers too. The League needed twiddly bits sewn onto muffs at a faster rate. Soon members from Surrey, Essex and North West Region including Manchester were offering their services and 120 muffs were sent just to Manchester for decorating. 

Marilyn Brummer the League’s National Welfare Officer said: “We are now making twiddle products on demand including twiddle muffs, twiddle bags, twiddle lap blankets and twiddle cushions. The decorations which are sewn on the muffs inside and out, are as creative as the members’ imagination can conjour up and I must say the end result is just stunning.” 

The muffs are decorated inside and out and given to patients in hospital dementia wards or residential homes. Nurses working in these wards say these “twiddle” products have an extremely calming effect on dementia patients.

Some of the Manchester Twiddle Team with over 70 completed muffs. From left to right: Jean Cohen, Helena Rich, Evelyn Yaffe, Linda Goldstone, Hilary Ross, Averil Moore, Arlene Levy.