Welcome to our round-up of news for the League of Jewish Women throughout the UK. Please click on a title to access a pdf of each publication

  • League Update 15

    LJW Update – No. 15 The Institute for Jewish Policy Research is launching a UK-wide survey designed to investigate how Jews have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The survey invites all Jews based in the UK and aged 16 or over to answer a series of questions about the pandemic’s impact on their physical Click for more information

  • League Update 14

    LJW Update – No. 14 Since my last Update, I have received several messages about how happy many of you are to have at last been able to spend time with family. If we were in Scotland, we could even of had a cuddle with our smaller grandchildren. Apart from the stupidity of many who Click for more information

  • League Update 13

    LJW Update – No. 13 Here we are near the end of the 15th week since the official lockdown began and many of you have been in isolation for much longer. At the last Friday night dinner I had with my daughters and their families, we discussed the possibility of not seeing each other for Click for more information

  • League Update 12

    LJW Update – No. 12 After three months of self-isolating, I am finding it difficult to find something new to write about. The most important thing is for our members to keep in touch to support each other. I did consider discussing the ‘support bubble, where adults who live alone or with children under the Click for more information