Welcome to our round-up of news for the League of Jewish Women throughout the UK. Please click on a title to access a pdf of each publication

  • League Update 13

    LJW Update – No. 13 Here we are near the end of the 15th week since the official lockdown began and many of you have been in isolation for much longer. At the last Friday night dinner I had with my daughters and their families, we discussed the possibility of not seeing each other for Click for more information

  • League Update 12

    LJW Update – No. 12 After three months of self-isolating, I am finding it difficult to find something new to write about. The most important thing is for our members to keep in touch to support each other. I did consider discussing the ‘support bubble, where adults who live alone or with children under the Click for more information

  • League Update 11

    LJW Update – No. 11 How has your week been? The sun stopped shinning and finally we had some rain that gardens are desperate for. I live near the River Roding and there is not enough water in it other than for the ducks to wet their feet. Luckily the rain isn’t making our hair Click for more information

  • League Update 10

    LJW Update – No. 10 NEW INSTRUCTIONS – EAR PROTECTORS SHOULD MEASURE 1 INCH BY 4 INCHES – IF YOU SEND THEM WITH NO BUTTONS PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL THREADS ARE SEWN IN. Thank you very much for all the message we are receiving and letting us know that the Coronavirus is not defeating us. Click for more information