Welcome to our round-up of news for the League of Jewish Women throughout the UK. Please click on a title to access a pdf of each publication

  • League Update 31

    LJW Update – No. 31 AJEX If you missed the very moving AJEX Annual Parade, which was featured on YouTube, you can still watch it online. Go to YouTube and type in AJEX Remembrance Ceremony 2020. It cannot be the same as being physically present but it was still very moving. Footage in the film Click for more information

  • League Update 30

    LJW Update – No. 30 RABBI LORD SACKS It was with great sadness that we heard of the death of Rabbi Lord Sacks. On behalf of the Executive and members of the League, we have sent a letter of condolences to Lady Sacks who is an Honorary Member and, in the past, attended many of Click for more information

  • League Update 29

    LJW Update – No. 29 HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY TO HETTY FRYER WISHING YOU MAZEL TOV FROM EVERYONE AT THE LEAGUE OF JEWISH WOMEN Hetty is a member of Fylde Group in the NW Region Well it happened again! Tears flowed. Whilst watching the BBC news on Monday morning, they had an article on Paul Harvey, Click for more information

  • League Update 28

    LJW Update – No. 28 GROUP ZOOM MEETINGS In the future, there will be information about group meetings. If you wish to attend one, please contact who will put you in touch with the relevant Group Chairman who will confirm your attendance. This procedure is purely for safety reasons so that only League members Click for more information