• League Update 8

    LJW Update – No. 8 Wishing you a Very HAPPY SHAVUOTH We have had a great response to the information given for knitted items in last week’s LJW Update. We received three offers for collection points for items for premature babies such as cannulas and ORANGE hats and blankets for new born babies for Barnet Hospital. Click for more information

  • League Update 7

    LJW Update – No. 7 Thank you for your messages and good wishes. When preparing a newsletter, it is hoped that it will be read and I am gratified to know that so many of you want to keep in touch. We are in the eighth week of lockdown and itching to do something worthwhile. Click for more information

  • League Update 6

    League Update – Issue 6 Due to the Coronavirus, it will not be possible to hold an AGM this year so consequently no elections can be held and the current members of Executive will continue to hold office, as before, until an AGM can take place. All members of the Executive Committee of the League Click for more information

  • League Update 5