Welcome to our round-up of news for the League of Jewish Women throughout the UK. Please click on a title to access a pdf of each publication

  • Twiddle Muffs heading for Israel

    Jackie Baines, Head of Development and Communications at the LJW, delivered bags containing 40 hand-made twiddle muffs which will go to a hospital in Jerusalem. The twiddle muffs, which were knitted by League of Jewish Women members in London and decorated by League members in Manchester, have been delivered to staff working in London for Click for more information

  • Booming Twiddle Production at League

    League members around the country were making the most beautiful “twiddlemuffs” all decorated with twiddly bits such as buttons, bows, keys, jewellery, children’s gloves, zips, ribbons and lace. All was going well until members of Oakwood and Winchmore Hill started producing huge quantities of beautifully knitted muffs, but minus their twiddly bits. They announced they Click for more information

  • Summer Mitzvah Day in Leicester

    Members of the Leicester group of the League of Jewish Women joined forces with other faith groups for their Summer Mitzvah Day Event and received an encouraging visit from Timothy Rowland Hercock of Halstead, the High Sheriff of Leicester. This is the fourth year that members of the Leicester League have been involved in this Click for more information

  • Twiddle Muff News

    The League is now adding a label on to each twiddle muff made by an LJW member which says “Handmade with love by the League of Jewish Women”. Now all recipients and their relatives are aware of who made and donated the twiddle muffs. Any LJW member making Twiddle products please call me so that Click for more information