League Associate Division

The League Associate Division (LADs) enables men to participate in League of Jewish Women voluntary work, attend seminars and social functions.

Our LADs volunteer in a wide range of capacities and with many other organisations including Jewish Care, Meals on Wheels and Paperweight.

“I first became properly aware of the LADs when our printer packed up at home and my wife emailed me her latest LJW newsletter with instructions for me to print it, so that she could deliver a paper copy to her local ‘buddy’ who didn’t have her own internet service. Of course I read the document, and saw details of an interesting speaker at an upcoming seminar, and also reduced price tickets for a show I wanted to see, organised by LeagueArtz.

On talking to my wife about these events, she informed that I couldn’t “piggyback” on her membership, but should forego one of my daily visits to Starbucks, for the next three weeks so that I could save enough for the £12.00 annual membership. Not wanting to be a shnorrer, I paid the money straight away and continued my daily Starbucks habit, (other coffee retailers are available).

When I wanted to cut back on my work schedule and do some volunteering, l then found the ideal opportunity for me, with Paperweight, through LJW, so my membership has proved to be a real Win Win situation.”

Paul in Essex