History and Principles

The history behind the League of Jewish Women

In 1943 it became apparent that there was a need for a single charitable organisation which would channel the energy of Jewish women into helping all communities and, in particular, helping their neighbours to achieve a better life in this country and internationally.

A committee of far sighted women was set up comprised of representatives from B’nai Brith, Union of Jewish Women and the Federation of Women Zionists including Lady Hartog, Rose Henriques, Miriam Moses, Mrs Petrie, Hilda Schesinger, Mrs I M Sieff and Mrs A Super to co-ordinate support for the war effort. In May 1943 a conference was held and the aims and objectives were proposed. Over 100 women agreed to form themselves into an association and offer their services to the community, so the League of Jewish Women was born. Those same aims and objectives are still guiding the League of Jewish Women and are as relevant today as they were then.

The principles we adopt at the League of Jewish Women:

We endeavour to…

… unite in one organisation Jewish women of every shade of opinion who are resident in Great Britain.

… intensify in each Jewish woman her Jewish consciousness and her sense of responsibility to the Jewish community and the community in general.

… stimulate in each Jewish woman her personal sense of civic duty and to encourage her to express it by increased service to the country.

… enable Jewish women through their solidarity as members of LJW to make an effective contribution to the solution of the problems confronting the Jewish community and the general community.

… co-operate with other organisations of women in efforts for human betterment. To encourage the formation of local groups of members of the League of Jewish Women in all parts of Great Britain.