Meet the Team

“Having grown up in a household where the volunteering ethic was very strong with both mother and grandmother working with the League of Jewish Women, I had always hoped to find myself in the enviable financial position of being able to do the same.  Following my marriage to Dr Eddie Josse in 1991 and an early retirement from paid employment to organise our wedding, I met the wife of a colleague of Eddie’s who asked what I was doing now I had taken up the new position of  ‘housewife’. I wanted to do hands on work in my local area and am not comfortable with fund raising. This friend told me all about the League of Jewish Women and this wonderful organisation ticked all my boxes and thus began my happy involvement with the League. I joined the London North West group in 1992 and served on Council, Health, ICJW, LeagueArtz and Welfare committees before becoming Day Centre Co-ordinator. I was Chairman of London North West, then joint Chairman when London North West amalgamated with Hampstead Garden Surburb, Finchley and various other North London groups in the following years. I started the Willesden Day Centre, which I ran for many years with the help of a band of volunteers from various North London groups. I also volunteered at Norwood Twins & More Group and helped form a Good Companions group in St Johns Wood as well as being a lay visitor for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.”
“ I am a member of the Newbury Park Group and was the National President for the term 2013-2016. I joined the League of Jewish Women in 2005 and originally volunteered for three projects –
  • Monthly newsletter for Vi and John’s Residential Home in Ilford, Essex
  • Office administration helping the Social Workers based at Sinclair House, Redbridge
  • Visiting Jewish patients in Whipps Cross Hospital under the auspices of the United Synagogue
On taking on the role as President of the League of Jewish Women, I had to curtail my volunteering but still visit Jewish patients in Whipps Cross Hospital and have extended this role as I sit on a Hospital Advisory Committee. When I was thinking about retiring, I decided that I would volunteer and initially contacted another volunteering organisation. I felt that they were not taking advantage of the skills I had to offer which I had attained during my working life both in retail and administration. I typed in the words ‘Jewish’ ‘Women’ ‘Volunteering’ on my computer and up popped the League of Jewish Women. I rang the phone number provided and spoke to Jackie Baines who put me in touch with the Newbury Park Branch. I was advised not to jump at the first volunteering opportunity but to listen to what was on offer and then decide. I was offered a place on their committee as joint Welfare Officer and was soon attending meetings at Head Office. I was then invited to join the Executive Committee and my job was to promote the organisation. In 2012, I accepted the position as Vice President and took office as National President in June 2013. I married in 1972 and have two daughters, three grandsons and one granddaughter.”
“I joined The League of Jewish Women after retiring from full time work which was something I’d always said I would do. My late mother had co-chaired a League group and my father had been a LAD. When I went to my first meeting of The Park Windsor Group they asked if I could fill in doing a rota serving lunches at The Nicky Alliance Centre which started my path into the world of volunteering. Before the year was out I had become Vice Chairman of the group for 2 years and then Chairman for 3 years. This led to me immediately becoming Vice Chairman of The NW Region besides coordinating Nicky Lunches and Disabled Living rotas. In2018 I became NW Regional Chairman which has been an extremely fulfilling role and am the first to say that you get so much more from volunteering than you put into it.”
"I joined the League of Jewish Women in the nineties: my mother had been a welfare officer of her branch for many years, supported by my father.   I was previously involved with JNF and I am still a member of WIZO, but I wanted to be a hands on volunteer.   I volunteered for Citizens' Advice Bureau for over twenty years, but as an LJW volunteer I became chair of my local group and eventually served on the National Executive becoming National President.   The support and friendship of fellow members is an important element of my continuing involvement."
“I joined the League about 40 years ago as I wanted to be part of an organisation that was ‘hands on’ and worked in the community rather than one which did fundraising. I worked a regular rota delivering meals on wheels for several years and then became a volunteer at the Harrow Jewish Day Centre, until I returned to work. My first position was as Chairman of my group, Stanmore, and then I became an Area Liaison Officer for Herts and North Middlesex.  This position no longer exist as such, but it involved co-ordinating the work of about ten local groups in the area. At this time I also became a member of Council. I was the Vice-Chairman of Executive, Chairman of Executive, and finally President from 1994-97.  I am presently Chairman of the Social Issues Committee, and a member of Executive. The League is a very important part of my life, and I have made so many good friends over the years as we all share similar views.”
“I am a Central Member and joined the League of Jewish Women in the 1990s. I am a past President, past Chair of the Social Issues Committee, past Chair of the Ealing Group as well as being past and present Chair of the Health Matters Committee. I currently volunteer at Ealing Talking Newspaper and Jewish Care KC Shasha Centre for Talking Books. The League of Jewish Women has played a significant role in my family as both my mother and mother-in-law were members. Its important to me to be part of a non-fundraising organization that volunteers in all sectors of society, not just the Jewish community.”
"I joined the LJW in the early 70s. A friend suggested we go along to the newly formed Oakwood and Winchmore Hill group and I agreed. Her mother and mother in law were stalwarts of the Clissold Group but I had no family history with the League. My parents had done all their volunteering through our synagogue.   I enjoyed that first meeting and liked the idea of voluntary service and NO fundraising!   In the early days I helped run a respite group for mothers with differently abled children. We looked after the children while the mothers enjoyed a coffee morning. Later I delivered Meals on Wheels with my children in the back of the car.   One day I offered to represent the group at a Head Office meeting of Social Issues and as the secretary of the committee, Rita Newman had been my Rabbitzen when I was growing up, she co opted me and that was the start of my involvement with the LJW Head Office.   I later became chairman of Oakwood Group and also chaired the Social Issues and Health Matters Committees. I also edited the LJW magazine for several years before the advent of computers.   In the late 70s I was involved in setting up the LJW Counselling Service in London.   In 2000 I became Chair of Executive and from 2003-7 was National President. After that I became more involved with ICJW and was the UK Vice-President. I now chair the Status of Women committee of ICJW.   I am still a member of the LJW Executive, having the role of Interfaith Co-ordinator and I am  the tutor for Hand in Hand volunteers which I really enjoy.   The LJW has trained me and used my skills, allowed me to travel and make many great friends all over the world. What more could you ask for from a voluntary organisation?"
“I have been working for the League of Jewish Women for 16 years. I support the in-coming President and the Vice President and all the committee Chairmen as well as producing most of the marketing materials for the organization, including LeagueArtz, In Contact and Annual Reviews. Welfare is a big part of my role. I support The Way Ahead Co-ordinator and am the official link between the volunteers and the Macmillan Cancer Information Staff and Cancer nurses. I liaise with the clients when they phone in and find teams to visit those clients who would like a home visit. I work with the National Welfare Officer to deal with Welfare requests that are phoned into the office.”
“I joined the LJW in December 2008 as the Head Office Administrator.  I think the LJW is a wonderful organisation that I am proud to work for and I really enjoy coming into work!”
“I have worked for the LJW since 2013 and have been a member for several years. Over the last couple of years I have developed and taught social media workshops for our members and co-ordinated putting this website together. I also helped to develop our eVOLve project with JLGB and set up LJWonline, of which I am a member. Being a part of the LJW has increased my social circle and I have been lucky to meet many fascinating people through our seminars and literary events.”